Stonehenge Observatory is an amateur astronomical observatory located in Mayhill, New Mexico. It was originally founded by Chris Traher and Randy Nulman towards the end of 2006, and was purchased from Randy Nulman in the fall of 2011.

The observatory comprises an Astro Haven Dome with an RC Optical Systems RC 20″ f/8.2 telescope on top of an Astro-Physics 3600 GTOPE mount. There is an SBIG STX-16803 imager with an STX-FW5 filter wheel, Astrodon C, R, G, B and Ha filters, an Optec Pyxis 3″ Rotator and a Robofocus Focuser.

The software being used is MaxIm DL from Diffraction Limited, ACP & ACP Scheduler from DC-3 Dreams, and, for processing, PixInsight from Pleiades Astrophoto.